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Optimizing The Custom Plastic Injection Molding Process

Partnering with a custom injection molder, like Kaysun, with the experience and insights to drive improvements in complex applications — from the product design phase through production — allows opportunities for process optimization through:

Design for Manufacturability (DfM): The process of consciously and proactively designing products
to optimize all facets of manufacturing, including injection molding.

Specialized DfM engineers align engineering and production in the initial design phase so potential moldability issues, tooling modifications, materials selection and substitutions, and other cost and production efficiencies can be identified and resolved before they result in costly rework.


Scientific Molding: A combination of material science and precise measurement specialized engineers use to completely discern — down to the molecular level — what’s happening during every stage of the injection molding process. Fully understanding how all the different parameters interact in detail helps ensure that high precision is maintained across multiple production runs. Because all the data is recorded,
it is easy to replicate the manufacturing process as needed, even when production is transferred from one machine to another, saving a tremendous amount of setup time.

Precision, tight tolerances & repeatable top quality are possible with scientific molding!

Mold Filling Analysis: A sophisticated computer program that analyzes and predicts the flow and cooling of plastic during all phases of the injection molding process. Levels of mold filling analysis vary from simulating fill and packing phases to optimize gate location, gate sizes, and process conditions, through more advanced simulations comparing runner systems, mold temperatures, and fiber orientation to gauge shrink and warp.

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